Program 120 Male Handbook B (The Program 120® Preventive Medicine Patient Handbooks for Males)

Program120 Male B Handbook on Preventive Medicine: A condensed version of the last half (on the benefit of hormones) of his famous Program 120 textbook on disease prevention. In this book Dr. Purser, a pituitary endocrinology researcher, lecturer and author, discusses normal lab values in men. He addresses proper testing, diagnoses, and hormone replacement therapy for hormones such as; somatropin, testosterone, thyroid, melatonin, and DHEA. Everything is highly referenced and researched. He also gives steps on how to make your levels normal again and to make your life better. This is a detailed treatise on the benefits of normalizing your hormones and what the medical literature says about that.

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Secret Aphrodisiac Sexual Stimulants: Aphrodisiacs For Male Impotency, Building Libido & Sex Drive Enhancement

In a unique new source guide entitled Secret Aphrodisiac Sexual Stimulants, author William Livingstone brings renewed sexual satisfaction to the male mojo. Exotic herbs from little known secret sources are revealed. => Pills for enhanced sex drive/libido, increased pleasure, building sexual stamina. Get your Mojo back! => Sexual tonic pills that work for male impotence, erectile dysfunction, increasing passion and performance. => No glitzy or overpriced/hyped products that don’t work, and put your health at risk to harm. => Reasonably priced sexual tonics in several price ranges, most are very low cost and affordable. => Unique, exotic herbal sexual pills from around the world, most are available here in the U.S. => Up to date sources, complete with current websites, addresses and phone/toll free numbers. => The Ultimate, Exclusive sex tonic source guide, no other like it exists! The Very Best on the planet!

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Erectile Dysfunction: Male Enhancement: Diet For Erection Problems, Male Dysfunction Treatment, erectile dysfunction cure, and men impotence using Natural Remedies

Have You Lost Your Love Life?

Do you want to regain your romance or love life? Have you found that your hardness has changed and now you’re embarrassed to initiate loving making? Have you had erection problems which have caused you to lose confidence in yourself and now you feel embarrassment or shame?

Do You Know Why It Happened?

Be aware that your hardness problem is not likely psychological, very few men have this problem. The cause of your hardness is linked to your physical makeup, the foods you eat, the drugs you use, the illnesses you have, and the exercise you don’t do.

What Can You Do About This?

Losing your love making ability does not happen all of a sudden, it happens slowly over time. You can turn it around, but you have to be motivated to do it. There are many reasons for your inability to get hard. But with the information provide in this e-book you will discover the nutritional and natural ways to get you hardness back.

What Will You Have Do?

There are certain areas that you need to concentration on. You will need to get your body into an alkaline condition, you will have to eat the right nutrition, you will need to improve your cardiovascular system, you will have to use the right nutrients to increase your nitric oxide release and you will have to do some special exercises. This e-book will give you all this information in an easy to understand way. There are only a few of the things that you will discover in this e-book. You will be given a program to follow so that you can be successful in getting a strong erection.

What You Can Expect When You Finished This Program

This is a special program that is designed to create great overall health. The information in the e-book will help you improve your cardiovascular system, so that you no longer have to worry about whether you will be able perform sexually.

Critical to have overall excellent health so that you will have all systems are go when you are ready to have sex.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Now you have a chance to change your manhood. You can become a great man again. If you need help to get hard erections, then this e-book is what you need. You will discover how to become a real man again. No need for you to waste your time on things that don’t work. Your lover can only wait so long, so don’t make them wait longer than necessary. Click on the buy button on the right and start regaining strong erections very soon.

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The Secret of the Ultimate Male Enhancement

The male enhancement of tomorrow has everything from shape-changing powers to a mind of its own. But what happens when this miraculous endowment refuses to cooperate with its new owner? War breaks out between man and enhancement, the ultimate struggle between two minds in one body. Only by guessing the enhancement’s dark secret does the man stand a chance of breaking the stranglehold this high tech smart-part has on his life. Don’t miss this twisted science fiction comedy short story by award-winning writer Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch.


Story plus novel preview


“Robert Jeschonek is a towering talent.” – Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author

“Robert Jeschonek is the literary love child of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman.” – Adrian Phoenix, critically acclaimed author of THE MAKER’S SONG series and BLACK DUST MAMBO

“Jeschonek´s stories are delightfully insane, a pleasure to read…” – Fabio Fernandes, FANTASY BOOK CRITIC

About the Author

Robert T. Jeschonek is an award-winning writer whose fiction, comics, essays, articles, and podcasts have been published around the world. His young adult urban fantasy novel, MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST, won the Forward National Literature Award and was named one of BOOKLIST’s Top Ten First Novels for Youth. Simon & Schuster, DAW/Penguin Books, and DC Comics have published his work. He won the grand prize in Pocket Books’ nationwide Strange New Worlds contest and was nominated for the British Fantasy Award. Visit him online at You can also find him on Facebook and follow him as @TheFictioneer on Twitter.

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Male Enhancement Pills: A Short Guide To The Best Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

If you have ever wondered if there is any truth to male enhancement pills or what the best male enhancement supplements are, this short book is your guide to answering these questions and more.

Learn the Truth Behind Male Enhancement Pills

The number of male enhancement pills sold in recent years have exploded and now hundreds of different brands can be found online and in local supplement stores everywhere.

Many of these branded supplements contain a combination of natural herbs and plant based ingredients which have been in use since antiquity for improving sexual function and virility in men.

Despite the fact many of these ingredient have been used for hundreds of years by various indigenous cultures, only recently has the scientific and medical community given research in this area serious consideration.

In the past many of these ingredients were labeled as natural aphrodisiacs and little importance was given to their cultural use. However, with growing interest in the field of Men’s Health and the success many men are finding with these supplements, many clinical studies and scientifical papers are now beginning to document the incredible benefits many of these natural plant based ingredients have to offer.

Save Money – Before you buy

Whether you are interested in learning more about the ingredients found in popular male enhancement supplements or simply looking to save money by avoiding the branded supplements, this book will help to guide the reader toward the individual ingredients which are contained in many of the popular male enhancement supplements. This book will also detail which of these ingredients have been shown to be effective for a variety of male health issues.

Backed by Science

Backed by over 100 scientific and medical studies, this short guide details eleven of the most effective natural plant based ingredients commonly found in many male enhancement supplements sold today.

For each of these ingredients, this guide details:

  • Historical and cultural use
  • Scientific and medical studies supporting its effectiveness
  • Treatment for and dosages

These medical studies also reveal the the efficacy of these natural aphrodisiacs in the treatment of:

  • Low Testosterone
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Soft Erections
  • …and much more

If you have ever had your doubts about the effectiveness of these products, or turned away by the high prices, this short guide sheds new light on the treatment, history and effectiveness of these natural male virility boosters.

If your are still reading this…

Pick up your electronic copy of Male Enhancement Pills: A Short Guide To The Best Natural Male Enhancement Supplement today, instantly available as a Kindle download.

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